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BOD Approves Buckley - Read his introductory note here

By: Becky Nichols | APBA Director of Operations | Jan 13, 2021

Photo: Holly Jones

Detroit 2019

Happy New Year to my V&H Family!

It’s been a whirlwind over the past two weeks; a tornado might be a better metaphor. If you’ve not been buried under snowfall in Washington state, digging out of a snowbank in Buffalo, or wiping the mask-induced fog off of your “readers”, you may have noticed that there are changes a’coming in Vintage & Historic (V&H). APBA President Chris Fairchild and our Board of Directors asked and approved me to lead V&H to the next level. This appointment has me bouncing like a Mexican jumping bean; frankly, far more than I expected. Despite the barrage of challenges we all are faced with, I and many of your V&H leadership are poised and committed to making us stronger, better, and raising our bar!

On that tangent, an acknowledgement and thank you to John Krebs for his long-term leadership. He’s been the “epoxy” for us for a while and that glue has held well. He has promised to help me mix the new glue. Thank you.

Bottom line up front (BLUF): Your V&H Board will shrink

I have a small working group reviewing, modifying, and crafting our eventual V&H leadership. As currently envisioned, nine individuals will assume accountable positions. This all-star board, as it shapes up, represents the finest in our family and I’m damn proud of ‘em! There will be other levels of representation, and everybody will have a voice or a conduit. Every V&H member (past, present, future) has something to contribute. I stand by that.

A number of individuals have wasted no time and expressed to me, directly and indirectly, their continued desire to contribute to our cause

I encourage you to do the same. In the event you are not tasked to serve on the board or a committee, don’t think you’re off the hook. Additionally, if you sense someone out there aspires to fill leadership shoes, please inform us now, or at least send them in the right direction. Again, reach out to me directly if you wish.

Stay tuned. We will have a “National Meeting,” just virtually. Time and date is pending.

Switching gears...

How are those projects in the shop, in the garage, in the living room (for some) going? Far from our control, we’re approaching 12 months of pseudo-idle time, and not for good reason. I hope those neglected or behind-schedule raceboat projects are receiving a bit more attention given our unfortunate circumstances. Keep sanding, polishing, painting, torquing, whatever it is. I expect we’ll see record turnouts once the curtains have lifted.

On a final note, I offer you this short glimpse of one of my mantras...

While assisting in emergency aircraft operations in the USVI and Puerto Rico for nearly a year (post Irma and Maria hurricanes), I coined a phrase that reflected both my military and island heritages. You can apply it to almost anything in life if you are passionate of the cause: “One Team, One Love.”

It’s not a war. It’s our love for these craft and the folks they represent that binds us!

I love our sport and the 100+ years of history represented and preserved by each and every one of you. I promise my best effort to lead this Vintage & Historic family to the next level.

Remain safe and diligent. Thanks in advance for your dedication, your consideration, and your passion.