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APBA | Honor Squadron

Penny Anderson

2014 | Penny Anderson

Jim Codling

2014 | Jim Codling

John Schubert

2013 | John Schubert

Steve Warnock

2013 | Steve Warnock

APBA | About Honor Squadron

Induction into the Honor Squadron is one of APBA's highest honors. The Honor Squadron recognizes members who have given extensive service to the organization, members who have made a significant contribution to APBA powerboat racing, and members who have outstanding accomplishments in APBA.

The Honor Squadron program was established in 1953 as a feature of the APBA's 50th Anniversary Celebration. The Honor Squadron Committee establishes the guidelines and criteria for nominations. The maximum number of inductees is limited to two members.


The procedures below are to assist the Honor Squadron Chairman and the APBA Executive Director to ensure consistency from year to year in the selection and presentation process of Honor Squadron inductees.


  1. Honor Squadron website pages listing the nomination procedure and criteria for nomination are to be shown on the APBA website. This information is provided to the Executive Director by the Honor Squadron Chairman
  2. APBA office includes an Honor Squadron nominations reminder in the June, July, and August Propellers, and on the APBA website.


(Procedure and Criteria rewritten March, 2012; Headline revision, January, 2016)

Extensive service and contributions to APBA and powerboat racing such as:


  1. Nominations are due October 1st to the Honor Squadron Chairman for processing; the Honor Squadron Chairman acknowledges receipt of the nomination.
  2. If a nominee receives more than one nomination, the Honor Squadron Chairman collates all the nominations into one pdf file.
  3. The Honor Squadron Chairman forwards nomination files to the APBA Executive Director.


  1. After October 1, the Honor Squadron Chairman collates all of the nominations into one pdf file to distribute electronically to the Committee for voting.
  2. The Honor Squadron Chairman prepares a ballot for the Committee.
  3. By October 15th, the ballot and nomination files are emailed to the Honor Squadron Committee.
  4. Ballots are due to the Chairman no later than October 31st.
  5. The Honor Squadron Chairman receives the ballots and records the results in a spreadsheet.
  6. The Chairman reviews the results to determine which nominee(s) will be inducted. The results are sent to the APBA Executive Director.
  7. To be a candidate for induction, the nominee must receive a vote of at least 50% of the Honor Squadron Committee members. The Chairman only votes to break a tie.
  8. A maximum of 2 nominees will be selected by the Committee for induction into the Honor Squadron at the next APBA Annual Meeting Banquet.


  1. Upon receiving the ballot results from the Honor Squadron Chairman, the APBA Executive Director notifies the president of APBA.
  2. Letters of congratulations from the APBA President are to be sent to the inductee(s) as soon as possible and no later than November 10.
  3. The APBA Executive Director communicates with each inductee regarding the banquet. (Banquet registration; presentation procedure)
  4. The APBA Executive Director arranges for the following for presentation at the banquet
    • Honor Squadron Certificate
    • Honor Squadron Medallion
    • Honor Squadron Plaque
  5. The APBA Executive Director and Banquet Chairman coordinate the banquet presentation script and video.
  6. The Honor Squadron Chairman presents the certificate, medallion, and plaque to the inductee (or the inductee's representative)


  1. The Honor Squadron Chairman is appointed by the APBA President annually.
  2. The Honor Squadron Committee members are appointed by the APBA President. All committee members must be members of the Honor Squadron.
  3. It is preferable to have an odd number of people on the Honor Squadron Committee (typically 9 or 11).
  4. The committee members are notified by the APBA President (or by the Chairman if directed by the President.)
  5. The Honor Squadron Committee meets annually at the APBA annual meeting. Additional meetings may be called by either the Chairman or the APBA President.
  6. Meetings are coordinated through the APBA Executive Director