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APBA Special Events are unique from every other established category of racing. These events can consist of special record-setting runs, new classes or other forms of racing that don’t fit into the primary categories. The categories and classes of tomorrow are founded and grown through Special Events.  Running in SE allows these new categories to formulate their rules, promote their style of racing and ultimately grow their membership. In the past, special event categories have varied from Electric Boats to Offshore marathon races.


Current APBA Special Events include Vintage & Historic, Unlimited Lights, Jet Sprint Boats and Outboard River Racer. 

Classic Outboard Runabout
Jet River Racer
Outboard River Racer
Unlimited Lights

Classic Outboard Runabout

The Classic Outboard Runabouts (COR) hearken back to the early days of Outboard Pleasure Craft racing, born in the 1960s and ’70s. The COR 2.0 and COR 100 classes of racing bring legendary family-style production boats back into the limelight. The COR class runs under APBA Special Events, and is designed as a low-cost entry to boat racing with speeds in the 80-mph range. Pictured above is a nice field of COR boats going into the first turn at a typical APBA sanctioned race. 

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Classic Outboard Runabouts
Minimum Age: 
16 years old
Minimum Length: 
COR 2.0- 18’ 6”; COR-100- 15' 6”
COR 2.0- V-6, Inline 6 (T-2) and V-4 (Looper and Strangler) engines; COR-100- Inline 6 and OMC crossflow V-4 engines
80 MPH
Minimum Weight: 
COR 2.0 1550 lbs; COR-100 - 1175 lbs.
93 or less octane
Est. Horsepower: 

Jet River Racer

Jet River Racing continues to evolve as one of the fastest growing and most challenging power sports events in the world!  Racers throttle full speed up to 150mph, punch rapids, navigate submerged rocks, sandbars, powerful river currents and narrow canyons on a constantly flowing river.  The average weekend river race consists of two-days and several “legs” from six to 35-miles of fluctuating river levels, tight turns and pressure waves.

A jet river race team consists of a driver and navigator piloting an aluminum hull race boat powered by some of the most cutting edge engine technology.  The average race team crew consists of three to up to 20 people, depending on the race event and race boat owner preference.  Teams compete in one of five separate engine classes and the overall trophy.  The fastest time including any penalties wins a weekend race.  To contend for a U.I.M. World Class Title, teams must complete at least 75-percent of the raced legs and have had to run at least 75-percent of the total distance of the raced legs. To win the U.I.M. Overall Title, teams must have the fastest time and completed 100-percent of the raced legs.

From the smell of the Jet A fumes of the turbine-powered race boats to the roar of the crate engines, jet river racing is unlike any sport on Earth!


Unlimited Jet Class – 300 Series Numbers (U 300)

*The Unlimited Class is open to any engine but primarily turbine engines (formerly helicopter engines) or large displacement automotive engines averaging up to 140-150mph. 

v  Hull any shape or material with a minimum length of 16 feet (4.88 m)

v  Unlimited engine restrictions or modifications, any exhaust c/w mufflers

v  Any engines not specified in class A or UP

v  Propulsion – jet drive     (Turbine engines, mufflers not required)

v  Roll Bar/Cage – well braced and mounted Chrome moly recommended

“UP” Jet Class – 300 Series Numbers (UP 300)

*This is a local class and currently not sanctioned by the U.I.M.  This class is for Unlimited Piston engines with very few limitations as to what modifications may be made on the engine itself.  Unlimited Piston engines can average up to 135mph.

v  Unlimited V8 automotive block class

v  Hull any shape or material with a minimum length of 16 ft. (4.88 m) 

v  Any V8 engine not specified in Class A 

v  Oxygenated fuel allowed 

v  Canadian Unlimited Spec in this class 

v  Any modification is legal including blowers, super chargers and turbos. 

v Propulsion – jet drive 

v  Any exhaust c/w mufflers 

v  Roll Bar/Cage (well braced and mounted) Chrome moly recommended 

v  If there are less than three (3) entries the class will be combined with Unlimited but scored separately.

“A” Jet Class – 200 Series Numbers (A 200)

*The A Class engines allow limited modifications by crews and have specific cubic inch limitations.  Speeds in this class average up to 125mph.

v  Hull any shape or material with a minimum length of 16 feet (4.88 m)

v  Engine displacement shall not exceed 470 Cubic inches (7700cc)

v  Older A, B and C engines in this class.

v  Oxygenated fuel allowed 

v  Superchargers, blowers and turbos are allowed at 1.8 x cubic inch ratio

v  Engine shall use gasoline for fuel, any exhaust c/w with mufflers

v  Propulsion – jet drive

v  Roll Bar/Cage (well braced and mounted) Chrome moly recommended

“CX” Jet Class – 100 to 200 Series Numbers (CX 100 – CX 200)

CX Class features the LS3 CT525 Chevy spec engine with no modifications.  This is a crate engine from General Motors used in many hot rods and production boats.  Race teams average up to 105mph in the CX class.

v  Hull any shape or material with a minimum length of 16 feet (4.88m)

v  Stock Crate Engine shall be GM (LS3 Engines 376 cu, in.) 480, 515 or CT525

v  Any cfm carburetor, or fuel injection engines with gasoline for fuel, normally aspirated only.

v  Stock crate intake manifold, no port matching on intake or heads, any valve covers

v  Repaired engines must use GM parts pertaining to that engine.

v  Any oil pan (no vacuum or dry sumps allowed), any ignition or distributor, any valve cover.

v  No overbore, no sleeves, no grinding no cutting, no filling, no milling or porting, no balancing or engine modifications allowed, untouched factory heads only

v  Modified cooling systems allowed, air/water bleed ports can be enlarged or added, with or with out water pump.

v  No oxygenated fuel allowed.

v  Any exhaust c/w mufflers    “SPORATIC TESTING”

v  Propulsion – jet drive

v  Roll Bar/Cage (well braced and mounted) Chrome moly recommended

 “FX” Jet Class – 01 to 99 Series numbers (FX 99) - - Crate Motor Class
Known often as the “beginner class” the FX class features speed from the ZZ5 and ZZ4 crate engines.  These teams average up to 90mph.

v  Tunnel hull any shape or material with a minimum length of 16 feet (4.88m) or V bottom/ Step tech hull any shape or material with a minimum length of 13 ft. (3.96 m) No glass windshields

v  Engine – GM ZZ5 355 HP CRATE engine will be a legal engine pending the Oct. 25, 2014 U.I.M. meeting

v  Engine – GM ZZ4 355 HP CRATE engine (GMPP long block part number 24502609) will follow U.I.M. rule/s approved at Oct. 25, 2014 meeting.

v  Engine repairs must meet OEM specifications & weights and use GM parts pertaining to that engine No roller rockers allowed and no porting, balancing, port matching or modifications; no overbore allowed, no sleeves, no milling, no valve seat modification, untouched factory heads only.

v  Any ignition system, Any oil pan (no dry or vacuum sumps) any valve covers, Stock GM intake manifold      “SPORATIC TESTING”

v  Carburetor – 750 cfm maximum & 1” spacer thickness maximum 3 gaskets (0.60)

v  Exhaust  - any exhaust system allowed c/w mufflers

v  Engine shall use gasoline for fuel - No oxygenated fuel allowed.

v   Propulsion – jet drive 

v  Roll Bar/Cage (well braced and mounted) Chrome moly recommended 

Outboard River Racer

Outboard River Racer Hydros also navigate wild rivers at amazing speed! Designed similar to other outboard classes, the River Racer Hydros have a distinctive heavy rounded bow to keep them stable on rough water. The Cal-Ore River Racers typically run a series of West Coast marathon events each year on the Trinity, Rogue, Klamath and Willamette rivers.

These propeller-driven boats are powered by 44-cubic-inch, four-cylinder, 65-horsepower outboard Mercury motors with magneto ignitions. The propellers are vulnerable to rocks and debris in the water, so the drivers must know the course very well.

Minimum length: 13' 6"

Minimum weight: 575 lbs. (including driver)

Unlimited Lights

Unlimited Lights are big block automotive-powered hydroplanes that add thrilling action to any show. They look like Unlimiteds, are as loud as Grand Prix, and are pound for pound as fast as any boat on the water.

The Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Association stages a series of events each year, some combined with Unlimited and/or Inboard events. The boats are designed much like the Unlimiteds but on a smaller scale, with stabilizer bar, skid fin, wings and 3-point contact with the water as the boat skims along.

Unlimited Light Hydroplane Racing
Minimum Age: 
18 years old
Minimum Length: 
Various US Manufactured, Automotive or Marine, Four Cycle, Internal Combustion Types
Minimum Weight: 
2000 - 2700 Lbs. Depending On hull & Engine Configuration
Racing Gasoline or Methanol Depending on Engine
Single Underwater Propeller, Maximum of 3 Blades
Competition Record: 
119.443 MPH
Straightaway Record: 
152.332 MPH