APBA Race Circular

Rockaway Regatta
9/4/2010 – 9/5/2010
10    10768   
Rockaway Beach, OR - Lake Lytle

From Seattle area (via I-5), take Hwy. 30 exit at Longview, cross Columbia River and take Hwy. 30 west to Astoria (Alternate - take Hwy.101 from Olympia south to Astoria). Head south on Hwy.101 50 miles; lake is just past the High School at 12th Ave. From south (via I-5), take Hwy. 22/18 from Salem to Hwy. 101; head 55 miles north on Hwy. 101 to Rockaway.

Surfside Motel (1 block from pits across Hwy. 101) 503-355-2312
Tradewinds Motel 800-824-0938
Silver Sands Motel 800-457-8972
Other local motels.
Camping/RV: Barview Jetty Park - 5 miles south of town 503-322-3522.
NO CAMPING IN PITS. (except Site Security)

3 laps of an approx. 5/8 mile course. NOT approved for Records.
Number of boats per heat may be limited at Race Committee's discretion. Three heats per class with eliminations as needed. For classes with eliminations, a 'B-Main' or consolation elimination heat may be run (no points awarded) to determine some final heat participants and to ensure a minimum two heats for all participants.

APBA approved digital clock

Oregon Race Rescue

Sea Level

T-Shirts or merchandise prizes Saturday only, after racing.

Saturday, 9/4/2010 - in Pit area - 7:30 AM-9:00 AM * * * * * Sunday, 9/5/2010 - in Pit area - 8:30 AM-9:00 AM

Saturday, 9/4/2010 - in Pit area - 9:30 AM * * * * * Sunday, 9/5/2010 - in Pit area - 9:30 AM

$45 / $30 / $20 - for 17 years and older. $20 each class for 16 years and under.

Denise Johnson, 7314 SE 19th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202-6254
- OR - register on-line at http://www.seattleoutboard.org/Reg/R10/entryform.htm

Referee (3935) JIM NILSEN, 3210 89TH AVE E, EDGEWOOD, WA
Assistant Referee (3202) ALLEN THORSEN, 22224 NELSON RD, BEND, OR
Inspector (70786) MIKE BARTLETT, 1929 23RD AVE, FOREST GROVE, OR
Risk Manager (10387) MIKE JOHNSON, 7314 SE 19TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR

* No megaphone exhausts on any engines allowed per local jurisdiction requirements.
* No race trailers in pit area prior to 4:00 p.m. Friday, September 03, 2010 (except Race Committee).
* Race trailers only in pit area - vehicles will need to be parked outside the pit area at Race Committee's discretion (unless boat is car-topped), insure adequate road clearance for emergency vehicles and local traffic at all times.
* NO CAMPING IN PITS (exception - Pit Security for overnight equipment security).
* Starting of race motors allowed only between the hours of 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday.
* In case of a blow-off day, the first entry will be retained to help defray costs.
* Any scratches must be filed prior to the conclusion of Drivers' Meeting that day, and any refunds associated with a scratch must be taken care of before the conclusion of the weekend.
* $25 fee for dislodging a buoy.
* Pets on lease only, owners are required to pick up all pet wastes.

This Regatta is sanctioned through APBA

All prizes are the responsibility of the conducting Club. APBA does not guarantee nor is it responsible for payment of prizes. You are advised that this event may be canceled prior to the race due to circumstances beyond the control of this association. If you plan to travel a long distance, it is recommended that you contact the race sponsor prior to your departure to ensure this event will take place.