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UIM sticker required for international Offshore competition

Wed, 01/02/2019 - 5:10pm -- Tana Moore

To UIM National Authorities

Copy : Cominsport – Cominoff – Formula Future Committee – Formulae Committee


RE: UIM Stickers for boats participating in titled events


Dear Ladies, Dear Sirs,


In reference to Circuit rule 206.04 and Offshore rule 711.3, we would like to put special emphasis on the fact that the official UIM logo (minimum 20 cm in length) must be applied vertically on both sides of any boat participating in UIM titled events.
We kindly ask you to remind all your drivers holding an international license that this rule remains valid also in the 2019 season.


Such official UIM logo stickers can be ordered at following prices from the UIM Office, by contacting Maxime Lagarde at Please note that the shipping cost from Monaco to the place of destination will be invoiced.

Size : 25cm x 11cm         Price :  1,50 €

Size : 50cm x 23.5cm       Price :  3,00 €

Size : 70cm x 33cm         Price :  4,00 €


We thank you for your appreciated cooperation.


Best wishes,



Thomas Kurth

Secretary General