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Stock Outboard Ballot Report #6 as of 1/13/19

Mon, 01/14/2019 - 12:07pm -- Tana Moore

The SORC has passed the following in this week’s balloting:

-The racing number 64-W has been retired in honor of past Stock Outboard Chairman and Commissioner,  Steve Warnock.

-The 300SSH minimum starters has been raised from 3 to 4 to receive national points.

-The 45SS class will be removed from Stock Outboard’s class structure on November 1, 2019.

-Rookie of the Year rule addition:  This sentence was added to the end of the rule: "All additional drivers that have participated in ten (10) or more races and have removed their rookie stripes within the award year will be recognized by the Stock Outboard Chairman for their accomplishment of a successful racing season."

-Lead boat on the final lap - RR.4.7.  The words "record races" was added and the last sentence in this paragraph. “In the event that a stoppage of a heat is necessary and the lead boat is on the final lap, the order of finish shall be determined by the order of the previous lap.  The driver or drivers responsible for the stoppage of the heat will not be scored.  If the lead boat is not on the final lap, the heat must be restarted.  This rule does not apply at closed course record races or the closed course Divisional, North American, Eastern, Western and National Championship races, where all heats (including qualifying heats) must be run until the lead boat has completed the full number of laps as published on the circular.  Any boats that have not finished the last lap will be scored by the order of the previous lap.”

-The number of minimum starters to achieve double points at the divisionals has been raised from four (4) to six (6).

-300SSH Protest - RR 13.4.D.  The following sentence has been added to this rule.  “In the event the protest is filed against a 300SSH engine, the cost of the shipping, resealing, gaskets and reassembly by an authorized repair center shall be borne by the loser.”

-BSH - The engine height of all entries using the Mercury/Mariner 25XS has been lowered from 3/4" below to 1" below.  Also, the minimum weight was raised from 420 lbs to 430 lbs.

-Respectfully submitted by Jeff Brewster, Stock Outboard Chair on behalf of the SORC.   1/13/2019