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SORC ballot #7 results

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 7:44am -- Tana Moore


1)    The updating of the marathon racing rule #10 passes.

2)    The trimming of the 321 shield fails, but the baffle portion passes. 

3)    The motion to allow boats with breakaway pickles exempted from the radius rule has failed. 

4)    Sidewinder model 20s engines will now have a minimum number of nineteen (19) cc’s.

5)    The conflicting events proposal has passed.  (Effective Nov. 1, 2019)

6)    The HOC starters rule explanation has passed.

7)    Ignition cut off lanyards may not come within 18” of the top of the transom. 

For the specifics on these items that have passed, please see our updated rules on this website.

All of the above except #5 will be effective in 30 days.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Brewster

Stock Outboard Chair