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Slowest 1200SCi Ever!


Slowest 1200SCi Ever!
posted Thu, 01/05/2012 - 11:22am in Mercury Racing Blog

This was a tired P-1 race engine slated for scrap. Now it sets the mood!

Old Mercury Racing engines never die. They just get recycled. I was going through my photo archives and stumbled upon this special project from a few years ago.

A customer paid to have a cosmetic refresh, but no mechanical work!!??? An odd request, until I discovered why: The only fuel it would see from now on would be through a glass table top — and go down different tubes. I suspect we over engineered the product for this application.

Ours was not the first slow table, but likely the most involved. Here is a GT3 wheel in reception at Kelly-Moss Racing in Madison, WI.

The rest of this room is pretty amazing, too, but I don’t have permission to show it. (I might not be invited back. Then, how would I fuel my tubes?)

Vicki, your comment prompted me to add another photo. This is an adapter I designed to fit my ceiling fan with a WWII target drone UAV propeller. The beautiful wooden prop was made for Kiekhaefer Aeromarine Motors engines my dad sold to Uncle Sam during that Great War. I found several new ones, still in the original boxes, while cleaning out a storage room. This one now swings quietly over my couch — unlike its predecessors, which roared over gunners’ heads.

OK. Chuck sent an interesting photo from his dad’s office — a gimbal ring (wait for it…lamp!) Now, this is fun!

Chuck Miller sent in this creative application of a Bravo gimbal.

A target drone prop for my ceiling fan!