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Let's Support Dave Villwock and our Sport -Vote! PLEASE


Let's Support Dave Villwock and our Sport -Vote! PLEASE
posted Mon, 01/23/2012 - 5:40am in Thunderboats Museum Feed

Although mentioned already on the home page under "Insider News" I think it might be worth reminding all of you to take the time to vote in the annual SSC awards, not only to recognize "our"  Dave Villwock - and by association his team -  for his achievements, but to further increase visibility and awareness of our favorite sport.

I realize we've become a "stick and ball" kinda' town, but let's do all we can to support Dave and our sport. Let's tell the committee that Unlimited Hydroplanes are still an important part of this community and Dave represents it well.

I had planned to vote for Don Mock, but apparently, even the finest of Jazz guitarists is not considered an athlete.

Here's the link to vote.