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Englewood Beach Waterfest in ON!

Mon, 10/08/2018 - 4:00pm -- Tana Moore

Please don't listen to any rumors that Waterfest 2018 has been cancelled.
We have not cancelled Waterfest and are all working hard to bring you the biggest and best Waterfest with more things to do and see.
We have considered various options this year but we are still planning Paddlefest for November 10, 11 and Waterfest for November 16, 17, 18.
Our community needs these events and everything else we can do to stimulate our local economy that has been devastated over the summer.
No one is able to predict the level of red tide in the water and irritants in the air 6 weeks out but history has shown the level to be very low or non-existent during the dates of Waterfest.
We are keeping a watchful eye on the Red Tide and will post an update weekly.
We will be also be updating our Facebook page on all of the exciting things you will be able to do and see at Waterfest 2018.
Let's all get behind Waterfest and our community. See you at the Beach!
Thank You,
Ray LaBadie