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COR Scoring Rules


COR Scoring Rules
posted Sat, 08/13/2011 - 1:09am in Corboat Racing


To score local points to be tabulated by COR chairman, only one boat must cross the start line to receive COR points. This boat shall receive 100 local points. If there is more than one boat starting, the winning boat shall receive as many points X 100 as the number of COR boats crossing the start line.

For example, if there are 5 boats competing: 1st place=500 points 2nd place=400 points 3rd place=300 points 4th place+200 points and 5th (last place) =100 points. The boat is not required to finish in order to receive points.

A boat that does not finish shall be awarded last place points. If two or more do not finish they each shall receive last place or 100 points each. The first place boat would still (in a case of 5 starters) receive 500 points and so on. These points shall be tabulated after each heat of racing including the final.

The winner of the race shall be declared by the officials in the same manner that all APBA races are scored. Our point system is strictly a COR point system to be used for high points at the end of the year etc. Boats receiving points and wishing to have them tabulated with the COR CLUB must call them in to Rod Zapf.