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Board of Directors Election Results

Sun, 09/23/2018 - 6:46pm -- Tana Moore

American Power Boat Association Annual Meeting – Election Purposes September 21 2018
American Power Boat Association held its Annual Meeting in Eastpointe, Michigan, to announce the winners of the 2018 Board of Directors.
Pursuant to APBA Bylaw 10.3, no Council at Large elections were conducted for 2018.
This year we mailed 2,114 ballots and received 687 votes divided between 35 candidates and 5 write-ins for the Board of Directors.
Below are the Annual Meeting minutes.
1.     Meeting called to order by President Howie Nichols at 9:00AM.
2.     Attendees: Sarah Ealy, Sabrina Haudek, Linda Likert, and President Howie Nichols.
3.     President Nichols stated that a discrepancy occurred on the Ballot stating that the 4th member to be elected received a 1-year term. In accordance with APBA Bylaw 7.2.2 the member with the 4th highest vote total should in fact serve a 2-year term.
4.     Ballot results presented from Jerry Treppa & Associates – Independent Accounting Firm.
5.     Below are the results presented by Jerry Treppa & Associates:
Board of Directors - Top 3 Candidates elected for a three-year term and the 4th highest Candidate shall be elected for a two-year term.
Top Candidates Votes
Howie Nichols 160
Jan Shaw 129
Chris Fairchild 127
Jean McKay Schwartz 127
*The 3rd place tie between Fairchild and McKay Schwartz was broken by a coin toss. Based on the results of the coin toss, Fairchild is 3rd and McKay Schwartz is 4th.
6.     President Nichols accepted member proxies and votes accordingly.
7.     President Nichols acknowledged the newly elected Board members Howie Nichols, Jan Shaw, Chris Fairchild, and Jean McKay Schwartz.
8.     President Nichols asks that this information be published on the APBA website, emailed to the candidates, be published on Social Media, and be included in the upcoming issue of the APBA newsletter and Propeller magazine. Meeting adjourned 9:20 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Ealy
APBA Director of Operations