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2012 Assistant Risk Manager's Test


2012 Assistant Risk Manager's Test
posted Sun, 02/05/2012 - 10:36am in Official APBA Communications

The APBA Board of Directors approved a change to the General
Racing Rules at the 2012 National Meeting in Chicago. 
Effective immediately, the Referee will now assume the title of Chief
Referee/Risk Manager.   Those who previously
served as Risk Managers will now assume the title of Assistant Risk
Manager.  The purpose of this change is
to establish a definite chain of command and to provide for a single point of
contact for statements, etc. in case of a severe incident.    Another change implemented is that there can
be more than one Assistant Risk Manager on each sanction.  Assistant Risk Managers will report to the
Chief Referee/Risk Manager as in the past, but will also now have the authority
to make necessary corrections to keep sites in compliance with all APBA rules
and requirements.  The Referee/Risk Manager seminar at the National meeting
covered the areas on this test.  The
presentation is available in Power Point format for downloading/viewing in the APBA Social Forum.

The test is required for anyone who wishes to be listed as an Assistant Risk Manager.