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2011 HS Inductees

Gloria Urbin

     For the past 28 years, whenever anyone in APBA had a question or a problem, the smart ones knew enough to ask Executive Director Gloria Urbin.
In November 1979, Gloria Urbin started working at APBA in a secretarial role. She thoroughly learned APBA’s sanction, records, points and membership processes, which helped enormously when she took on the Executive Administrator role in 1983.  At that time most Headquarters procedures involved stacks of paper. Fast, accurate typing was a necessity. Attention to detail was key, and Gloria has an amazing capacity for detailed work. She also has a phenomenal memory and can frequently answer an arcane question off the top of her head.
Over the years, Gloria saw computers supplant typewriters, and copy machines replace carbon paper. She helped oversee APBA’s transition to a Web-based data system.
She has seen many presidents, Boards, chairmen and trends come and go. She has seen good times when membership topped 10,000 and tough times when political wrangling nearly tore APBA apart. Through it all, the office functioned efficiently. Memberships went out, sanctions and records were processed and points were tallied. Staff members have gone the extra mile out of personal loyalty and affection for her. Disagreements have been defused. Volatile members (yes, there are a few) have been encouraged to stay and work out their issues.
Whether it’s a member confused about rejoining, or someone who just needs to vent, Gloria was there for them. Gloria Urbin was the voice of APBA, and the Association has benefited enormously from her calm, patient and detail-oriented nature. Whatever it is, she’s seen it. Wherever it is, she can find it. Whoever it is, she can put you in touch.
How are elections handled? What’s the schedule for the Annual Meeting? How do I submit rule changes? How do I get a UIM World Record certificate? Who set a record in my class in 1987? How do I nominate someone for the APBA Honor Squadron? How do I put my name in for a committee? This decision makes me mad; who can I talk to?
The answer has always been, “Ask Gloria.”