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2010 HS Inductees

Dutch Squires

Dutch Squires has been a member of the American Power Boat Association since 1976.  During his 34 years in APBA, Dutch has been committed to the betterment of the sport through leadership roles and responsibilities locally, regionally and nationally.  Dutch is also an outstanding driver with multiple championships and records.  An active APBA member, he attends the National Meetings and serves on many committees to help promote powerboat racing nationwide.  Dutch is dedicated to improving the direction of the Inboard category, as well as improving this sport by listening to what the racers need and want.  He has exercised strong leadership to resolve issues; he continually looks ahead to implement new programs to foster growth and participation.  Dutch has served as an Inboard Racing Commissioner for 15 years; as Region 16 Chairman for 10 years; as Colorado Speedboat Association Commodore for nine years. He served on the APBA Board of Directors from 2007-2008. He has helped promote and organize Inboard, Stock and OPC racing; and also worked as a referee.  Dutch was recognized for his service to APBA when he was awarded the Bruce Broussard Exceptional Service Award in 2006.  During his 34 years of racing in APBA events, Dutch has raced across the country, supporting many race sites nationwide.  Living in Colorado means long-distance traveling to races.  Even when his closest race is 1200 miles away, he doesn’t hesitate to travel.  You can find him on the West Coast, East Coast and at races in between.  His racing accomplishments brought Dutch to the Hall of Champions in 2006 and 2007.  He is a three-time Summer National Champion, three-time National High Point Champion, 12-time Western Divisional Champion, five-time Eastern Divisional Champion and a North American Champion.  Dutch currently holds three of the four speed records in the 2.5 Litre Stock class.  Dutch is a tough competitor, but he is also always willing to help mentor new members in Inboard racing.  He will help find boats, racing equipment and any other items racers may be looking for. If anyone has questions at a race, he will always take the time to talk and listen to ideas and concerns.  In his current role as Inboard Chairman, Dutch continues to strive to improve and promote our organization.  He is highly respected by APBA members and shows great leadership and vision to make positive changes for power boat racing.  Dutch Squires richly deserves recognition in our APBA Honor Squadron.