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2002 HS Inductees

Bob GollerGoller first joined APBA in 1954, and ran B and C-Stock Hydro. He always had fast equipment and always mentored new drivers. Goller introduced C-Mod Hydro to New England, and quiet pipes. Today, Goller engines power many of the top Stock and Mod drivers. He has served on the Region 1 Board, and as Chief Inspector in both Stock Outboard and Modified Outboart.  Goller demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the sport we love so well.  His friend Charlie Gonyea said, “Anybody; friend, rival, stranger, can ask for help and he’ll get them on the water.”
Pete HellstenHellsten began a 50-year racing career at 16, when he repaired a motor and designed a soapbox runabout. He won many PRO High Point titles and set speed records with engines he designed and built. A PRO Commission cornerstone for years, Hellsten was an original member of the Long Island Eastern Outboard Racing Club. He served in most every official capacity in many clubs and chaired Region 5 and APBA Annual Meetings. Helsten earned a 1980 Hall of Champions induction and brought his children Chris, Curt and Kristi into racing. Just before he lost his battle with cancer in August of 2001, Pete was setting up his new racing shop. Racing Outboard hydroplanes was truly Pete Hellsten’s passion.
Edwin ThirlbyThirlby started racing at the age of 12 in 1951. Between raising a family and running auto parts stores, Ed was always racing Outboards and became a premier racing Outboard motor builder. Ed’s motors were fast and they finished. Ed also served as Commodore of the Michigan Outboard Association; Treasurer, Board member and President of the U.S. Title Series; and was member of the PRO Commission.  Most important, Ed helped other racers with his time and knowledge.  Ed himself found suppliers and techniques to keep the Konig engines running. When some European drivers needed funds to get home from a World Championship, Ed was there to help. This gentleman boat racer is the picture of sportsmanship and giving to our sport. Big Ed is APBA PRO racing.