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1996 HS Inductees

Ernie DaweDawe started racing in the Stock Outboard category in 1954 at the age of 13, in boats built by Ted May. He learned to build his own, and Dawecraft boats have won many titles. Dawe has raced in almost every Stock class, winning national DSR titles in 1975-77 along with national and Region 12 High Point titles. At 19, Dawe got involved with APBA. He published the Southern California Outboard Association newsletter, then became a race chairman and was SCOA Commodore for the past 13 years. From 1980-84 he was Stock Outboard Vice President. In 1985 he served as APBA Treasurer; from 1987-93 as a Council member-at-large; and for years wrote the Region 12 report for Propeller.   Dawe also referees in four categories and is a Stock Outboard inspector. He helped create the Stock Outboard Winter Nationals, and helped put on the 1996 Stock and Mod Nationals in Bakersfield, CA.  Dawe promotes boat racing as a family sport. His children all race, and son Steven won the national title in ASH driving a Dawecraft boat. Outside of racing Dawe taught junior high math for 30 years, and is dedicated to his wife Mary Jo, children Tammy, Steven and Mandy.
R. Steven HearnHearn's contributions to APBA and the sport of boat racing are many, although he never won a championship.  Hearn began racing in 1957 in Indiana in ASR, BSR, 15SSR and 25SSR. In 1967 he finished second at the Nationals in ASR, the best finish of his career. Hearn helped conduct races in the 1960s and was appointed to the Stock Outboard Commission in the early 1970s. In 1970 his son Richard was competing in JSR and won the Nationals in 1986.  His daughter Beth Anne entered the Hall of Champions in 1987, and Richard followed in 1994 — APBA’s first brother and sister to be inducted from different categories. His wife Delores also helped at regattas. Hearn’s biggest contribution to APBA is in the legal area. In the early 1990s, APBA was at odds with the IRS. Hearn spent many hours redeveloping the APBA structure, and writing new bylaws to resolve the issue. To make the Junior Classes more accessible, Hearn brought the Universal Junior Classes into existence. Hearn is totally devoted to APBA, and is truly deserving of this prestigious recognition.
William A. MooreAlthough Bill raced in the Inboard category through the 1960s and early 1970s, he is best known for contributions to APBA in leadership and administrative skills locally, regionally and nationally.  Even after 40 years in the sport, his enthusiasm did not wane. Starting in 1954, Moore served as the Port Indian Regatta club president and race director for years, ensuring the success of the event. Serving under several Inboard VP’s as a commissioner, he helped bring about positive changes for the category. He was an APBA Council member, Region 3 Chairman (for over 20 years), and Race Against Drugs committee chairman since its inception. He also promoted the sport with media and fans.  Moore officiated at regattas for over 15 years as a referee, chief scorer, and race announcer. The success of many events was due to his enthusiastic description of the racing action for the fans. In short, Moore has done it all.