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1989 HS Inductees

Chip HanauerHanauer made his mark in many divergent classes, from J Hydro to Inboard to the Unlimiteds.  His consecutive wins at the APBA Gold Cup are not easily surpassed.  He achieved firsts not only in competition but in the development of safety devices such as restraints and harnesses.  When Hanauer piloted a turbine-powered boat to victory, he started a new era in Unlimited competition. He was also a spokesman for the sport, featured in Sports Illustrated and elsewhere. Hanauer’s racing skills and other contributions to the sport were recognized with the UIM Gold Medal of Honor.
Mike JonesFive years after becoming a member of APBA, Mike Jones set the A Stock Hydro straightaway record. Over the past 33 years Jones competed in all Stock, many PRO and several Inboard classes. Among his records as an owner/driver was the 280 Hydro straightaway mark in 1975 at 119 MPH. Jones became Region 10 Stock Outboard Chairman, then Stock Outboard Vice President. As the sport became more sophisticated, changes were necessary and under Jones’s leadership, both the category and the Association progressed with the times.  As APBA Treasurer and President he gave the Association needed leadership, benefitting all the categories and keeping APBA solvent and growing. The dollar value of his contributions is incalculable, and Mike Jones has always been there when needed.
Fred MillerIt is not unusual for a championship driver to become an active official. It is unusual to have an APBA member who is dominant in three or four categories of racing. Fred Miller became an APBA member in 1955 and immediately made his name known on the race course. Miller won four Stock Marathon Championships, four Stock High Point Championships, five OPC Championships, and others.  He has also been an official at the local, regional and national levels, and a member of Council since 1965.  His input to the racing commissions has been most beneficial. Miller also almost single-handedly created the APBA Hall of Champions.