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1988 HS Inductees

Rick SandstromSandstrom started boat racing at the age of 16.  His driving career includes 20 years in B Stock Runabout, B, C and D Hydro, Super-C Outboard Hydro, B Outboard Hydro and several OPC classes. Sandstrom set a world record in Super-C Hydro, and was one of a team of three U.S. drivers to win the rugged 24-hour Rouen, France race in 1977. In 1969 he was elected Commodore of the Seattle Outboard Association.  He served as Region 10 Chairman and APBA Treasurer (1973), Senior Vice President (1975-76) and President (1977-78). Rick also served as APBA representative to UIM, Council Member-at-Large, and Special Events Chairman (1979-82). Under his leadership, a record at Lawrence Lake became a coveted achievement.  In 1982 he served as race director for the Stock Nationals in Oroville CA.
Joe SwiftSwift built his first race boat in 1929 when speeds barely topped 30 MPH. He built his first custom hydro, a PR-65, in 1947 — the same year he became Region 5 Chairman. In 1948 he chaired the National Outboard Championships in Lake Alfred FL. In 1950 he introduced a line of mass-produced A-B hydros, sold in support of the new Stock classes. He also chaired the Ways and Means Committee. In 1951 he was elected APBA National Secretary and also introduced two new Stock hydros — the Big Bee and the Big Dee.  A Big Dee was the first Stock Hydro to break the 70 MPH mark.  At one time, Swift’s hydros held every Stock Hydro competition and mile record, and his was the first Outboard hydro to exceed 100 MPH (an Italian record).  From 1950-59 he built over 8,500 hydros, building and shipping 15 a day.  From 1983-87 he handled PR for the Formula 1 circuit and was recognized as JBS America.
Jeff TitusA racing member since 1955, Jeff competed in Stock and PRO through 1987, and won 17 national championships, eight world records, and seven 5-mile marathon and kilo events. He is a member of the Gulf Hall of Fame and the APBA Hall of Champions. He served as Region 5 officer, category vice president, on the Board of Directors, as OPC Commissioner, on the OPC Motor Technical Commission, as president of Ft. Lauderdale Professional Powerboat Racing Association, and as inspector, referee and race chairman for years. In 1970 he won closed course nationals in the SI, SJ and U classes, and won both Sport I and Sport E Nationals four consecutive years, 1975-78 — probably the only APBA driver ever to win national championships in two major classes four years in a row, as well as three national titles in one year.  Region 5 gave him the Bud Wade Memorial Award in March 1988 for outstanding sportsmanship.