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1981 HS Inductees

Kenneth HarmanHarman was involved with APBA for almost 50 years prior to his death on Feb. 14, 1981.  He served on racing commissions; was a referee, timer, scorer, inspector, time trial representative, and also competed in several hydroplane classes.  He was well-known in North America and abroad as a builder of speed equipment, creating innovations for many small cubic inch hydro classes.  He used his worldwide business travels to tout the virtues of the APBA and the Southern California Speedboat Club, where he served as an officer for 20 years. Harman made many boating friends over the years, and recruited members from Australia and Europe.  Well-known for his excellent disposition, he willingly utilized both his shop and business time to help those in the sport who sought his advice and assistance.
Bernie LittleFirst encountering Unlimited hydroplanes in 1962, and by 1981 his boats amassed one World Championship, six National Championships, six High Point awards and five APBA Gold Cups. Besides owning and sponsoring Unlimiteds, Little was an outstanding public relations force, making the public conscious of Thunderboat racing via television commercials for his sponsor’s product (Anheuser-Busch/Budweiser).  Little used up some 15 craft over the years, but misfortune only added to his resolve to be the #1 owner/sponsor on the circuit, which he achieved.  Organizing the finest crews and equipment available, his leadership, tenacity and willingness to face countless misfortunes and spend countless thousands of dollars made his famous Miss Budweiser boats favorites at any Unlimited race.
Tony ScartineAs an active APBA member since 1955, Scartine served power boat racing on the national, regional and local levels. Scartine developed an early reputation as an owner/driver.  He probably is best known for his work with the Inboard Racing Commission, especially in establishing engine specifications and inspection procedures, with the emphasis on safety.  Scartine brought vigor and sincerity to APBA activities, devoting great time and effort to stabilizing engine rules for the 145cc, 1200cc and 280 classes.  He kept the specs affordable and attainable for the average person striving for the best racing and fair competition.  His work at all levels is well-known to power boat racers throughout the country.
Harold TolfordEntering powerboat racing in 1949, competing successfully in both Stock and Outboard categories.  He specialized in C Service Hydro and C Service Runabout, winning six National Championships in Hydro and two in Runabout.  He also won National High Points and set world records.  Elected to the Gulf Marine Hall of Fame three times, Tolford earned membership in the APBA Hall of Champions in 1977.  His knowledge of the sport made him a valuable member of the Stock Outboard and PRO Racing Commissions, as well as chairman of the Outboard Technical Committee.  He served as Region 10 chairman and on the APBA Council.  As a founder in 1961 of the Seattle Outboard Associaton’s Novice School, Tolford assisted new drivers in a program which has helped develop many high-caliber competitors.