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1980 HS Inductees

Charles HornickelHoenickel started with APBA in 1951 driving Stock Outboard. After 12 years of competing, Charlie turned to officiating. As Region Stock Outboard Chairman for the next 10 years, he increased the number of Stock races. He served as inspector and referee at the Stock and OPC Nationals. Active at both the regional and national levels, he served on the Stock Outboard and OPC Racing Commissions, including a stint as Stock Outboard Vice President.  As chairman of the first Scoring Committee, Charlie helped formulate the basic system now used nationally. As Region 3 Chairman and member of the Council at Large, Charlie contributed much over the years to the growth and well-being of APBA, and has the respect and admiration of both the Inboard and Outboard factions he served selflessly for over 25 years.
Edward NabbNabb participated in practically every aspect of APBA racing since 1936.  Starting as a riding mechanic, Ed rose through the ranks as an owner-driver, National High Point winner, and member of the Gulf Marine Racing Hall of Fame. Ed’s activities, aside from refereeing for 27 years, were mostly behind the scenes, where his legal background and organizational skills helped bring Offshore and Drag racing into the APBA fold. Nabb chaired many important committees, including Insurance, Trophy and International Affairs. As a UIM Vice President for 18 years Ed, along with the other APBA officers, helped greatly in having APBA truly recognized by the international governing body.  In 1970 he became the first American to head a full UIM Commission — the Offshore Commission.
Henry WagnerWagner started racing in the 1930s; since then his name became synonymous with Outboard racing and Region 11.  With fellow Honor Squadron members Al Hart and the Halletts, Hank reorganized Region 11, formulating Region By-Laws in 1950, and officials committee rules in 1965.  These rules, designed to train referees and inspectors, were widely copied by other regions and did much to raise the level of officiating at races nationwide. Hank was C Service Hydro National Champion in 1956 and 1960.  He was elected to the Gulf Marine Hall of Fame in 1964. He served in many capacities at all levels, a perennial member of the Outboard Racing Commission since 1950. A willing and tireless worker, Hank continued to devote his time and skills as referee or inspector at Outboard, Stock Outboard and PRO Nationals. Hank Wagner won the respect of drivers and officials alike, as a definite asset to the sport of power boat racing.