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1973 HS Inductees

Henry E. LauterbachLauterbach started designing and driving limited Inboard hydroplanes in 1947.  Since then Lauterbach hulls have won more National and High Point championships than those of any other limited Inboard hydroplane builder.  In the 266 class he won National High Points twice, as well as once each in the 135 and 225 classes.  A member of the Gulf Marine Hall of Fame and an early member of the Gulf 100 MPH Club, he proved his own designs on race courses, not only as a designer/builder but also as a driver.
Bill Seebold Jr.Seebold started racing at age 11 in the JU class and progressed through the Outboard (Alky) classes, winning his first national title in B Racing Runabout 10 years later.  Since then he added an impressive list of national championships, including three Outboard titles in one day.  Moving into the 7-Litre Inboard class, he won nine of 10 starts.  Then he went to OPC, where he won almost every U.S. marathon, plus many records in enduros and closed course competition.