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1968 HS Inductees

Marion BeaverBeaver began racing in 1940 in his PODH Eight Ball.  For almost three decades he was a foremost competitor and guiding influence in western powerboat competition.  His boats Eight Ball, and 225 cu. in. hydros Uncle Gummy, Gummy’s Ghost and Awful Gummy, have been in the record books.  He won national and divisional titles and High Point honors, plus over 350 trophies.  In 1946 he was a prime founder of powerboat racing in his hometown of Parker AZ.
F.C. "Doc" MoorMoor's boats held straightaway and competition records in the 48 Hydro class in 1959, and the competition mark in 1962.  He also set the straightaway standards in 91 Hydro in those years and 1964, as well as competition records in the class in 1964 and 1966.  His national championships include those for 48 Hydro in 1957-59, 1962 and 1964; and for 91 Hydro in 1962, ’63, ’64 and ’67.  He chalked up High Point honors in 48s in 1953-54 and 1956-59; and in 91 Hydro in 1962-64 and 1967.
J. Lee SchoenithAn Unlimited hydroplane pilot in the 1950s, Schoenith reached the high point of his driving career in 1955 when he steered Gale V to victory in the 1955 APBA Gold Cup race at Seattle.  Before some 50,000 spectators, he topped an 11-boat field, including the formidable Slo-Mo-Shun IV and Miss Thriftway.  Strongly instrumental in the APBA reorganization which created an Unlimited Racing Commission.  For many years he led all Unlimited and Gold Cup officials.  He has been the strongest influence toward converting Unlimited Hydro Racing to a truly professional sports exhibition.