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1967 HS Inductee

James H. YostYost began as a Stock Outboard driver in 1953.  His greatest contribution to the sport, however, has been in countless official capacities, starting as a regional director in 1954.  From there he advanced to Region Chairman, Deputy Commissioner, Stock Outboard Commissioner and Vice President, APBA Senior VP and President, and Outboard Pleasure Craft Vice President.  He was instrumental in the creation of OPC, as well as promotion of better safety equipment and compulsory insurance for drivers.
Robert SchellingSchelling graduated from a driving career in Outboard Runabouts in the early 1930s to a distinguished official capacity.  In 1937 he was appointed by Council as Manager of Region 13, which he was to organize as the governing body of racing in all of Canada in the ensuing 14 years.  He refereed, including 10 years at the Buffalo Launch Club and two Outboard Nationals.  He served on many APBA committees and commissions, and as Chief Surveyor.
William L. TenneyTenney raced Outboards extensively starting in 1927, but without major success prior to World War II.  In 1953 he set three competition records in B Hydro, C Hydro & C Racing Runabout in a single regatta at Lakeland FL; and set three mile straightaway records in three classes in one day at McKeesport PA.  In 1954 he won national championships in the above three classes at Pasco WA.  In 1953 Tenney was the first Outboard driver to top a mile-a-minute in competition and held the C Hydro competition record from 1952 until after he retired as a driver in 1958.