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Official APBA Driving School

Try It, You'll be Hooked!

One of the best ways to get started in powerboat racing without a significant financial investment is to attend a Driving School. Various clubs throughout the county hold driving schools throughout the year, allowing future drivers young and old to experience firsthand what it's like to be in the cockpit of a powerboat at speed. Contact your Local club to find out when the next driving school will be taking place near you!

APBA Driving School– April 23rd-24th, 2016

 How does it work? 

Capsule Training

First, a qualified rescue team will take you through the same capsule training course that APBA racers take. You will learn to use an onboard air system, and how to safely exit a flipped boat. All driving school students walk away with capsule certification which is REQUIRED for all Tunnel Boat & 5 Litre racing.

Class Time

On Saturday morning, seasoned race drivers will lead classes teaching you what to expect, including racing terminology and tips on safety and boat handling. 

Water Time

After you are fully trained and sufficiently learned, it’s time to gear up (helmet, lifejacket, Kevlar) and get out on the water! Piloting the boat solo, your teacher will guide and coach you via radio headset. Each lap, you’ll gain speed, skill, and confidence.

Fun Time

Racers know how to have a good time, and having fun is what the APBA is all about. After you’ve had a chance to get out on the water and experience the thrill of driving a race boat for yourself, you will get a chance on Saturday night to kick back, share stories, and meet other racers. May 3-5 is a testing weekend for all APBA racers, so you will have a chance to meet a variety of racers from many different types of racing.

More Fun!

After driving is complete, instructors evaluate each student, and provide certificates and other keepsakes to commemorate your driving school success! You will also receive a year’s membership to the APBA, including a subscription to Propeller Magazine.

Is It Safe?

There’s a reason APBA has been around for more than 100 years. A trained rescue team will be on hand throughout the weekend, and you will be insured through one of the best programs in motorsports. Your well-being is your instructor’s top priority – and your safety will always come first.

What does it Cost?

The APBA Driving School Costs $450

What Do I Get?

  • An entire weekend of race instruction
  • Capsule Training & Certification
  • Significant Water Time, Boat & Equipment Provided

And most importantly… The Ride of Your Life!

How Do I Sign Up?

Admission is first come, first serve, and space is limited!

Fill out the APBA Driving School Application & Follow the Instructions for Submitting

Or, you can contact us directly,, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Notice: The Official APBA driving school is filled on a first come first serve basis.  Spots are only filled when payment is made in full and the school application is received