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Powerboat Superleague # 187

What uses more than 180 spark plugs, runs on pump gas, is nationally sanctioned and receives international media attention, accelerates from 0 to 100 MPH in under six seconds, appears in exciting venues and markets throughout the United States… Powerboat Superleague.

The hottest race boats in the world unleash full-bore exhilaration during professional powerboat racing – Superleague style. Raw horsepower riding on the water’s edge, powering through turns at top speed, streaking down the straights at an average 115 mph – that’s Powerboat Superleague, the world’s oldest and the nation’s most respected tunnel boat circuit for Formula Two and Formula Three teams, owned by the nation’s foremost producer – APR Events Group.

P O Box 539
New Martinsville  West Virginia  26155-0539
United States
Region 4
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