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RAM50 Race Engine Package "D Stock"

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Stock Outboard

Brand new Tohatsu M50D2 powerheads mounted on Bass Machines tower and gearfoot with bolt-on transom bracket and thrust adjuster.

I have these engines in stock for $6995 (2014-2015 price). The package includes: steering bars and attaching hardware; tuner capable tower; fuel hose with primer bulb; stainless steel mount bolts; Ho-Sy-Guy toolkit and owners manual. The gearfoot is serviced. The engine uses a standard Merc Classic 45 impeller.

For an additional $375 I will disassemble the engine have the crank welded and trued.
Soldering the hole in the butterfly's is $35.
Installation of a pair of "Cowl Teez" is $35.
Electric start which consists of new starter, and battery mounted inside cowling with solenoid and wiring for a dash mounted switch is $485.
Electric choke is also available.

This engine has loads of torque and is easy to maintain..