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1976 HS Inductees

Walter "Walt" BlankensteinBlankenstein started in 1949 and soon developed a nationwide reputation for building the fastest Outboard motors during one of the most competitive eras of Outboard racing. His clientele included most of the outstanding Outboard drivers of that time, record holders and national champions.  He was a leader, developing skills and techniques that placed Blankenstein-prepared engines in the lead. At one point, all but one Outboard record in the book were established by engines he prepared.
S.E. Sunny JonesAn APBA member since 1949, he was active not only as a driver and holder of several world records and national championships, but also as an official at local, regional and national levels.  A member of the Gulf Marine Hall of Fame and the Gulf 100 MPH Club, his contributions to power boat racing cover a wide spectrum.  As an active competitor, dedicated official and officer of the Association, his input has done much to further the growth of the sport.  He was always willing to assist newcomers to the sport, and his advice and counsel are sought and respected by drivers and officials alike.
Edgar RoseRose is one of those responsible for the continuation and growth of the sport of power boat racing.  Since joining APBA in 1950, he has been deeply involved in the thankless hard work of a racing official, from refereeing and inspecting at regattas of all levels, to heading technical committees and serving as member or Chairman of commissions. His activities, while rarely recognized by spectators and even competitors, have been largely responsible for the continuing improvement and safety of all classes of racing.  He is recognized as an extremely strict but extremely fair official.