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San Diego Bayfair


Friday Sep 15, 2017

  • 01140 - 1 LTR

Saturday Sep 16, 2017

  • 01140 - 1 LTR
  • 01520 - GRAND PRIX
  • 07310 - SST 45

Sunday Sep 17, 2017

  • 01140 - 1 LTR
  • 01520 - GRAND PRIX
  • 07310 - SST 45

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This event is not approved for records. Course Elevation: Sea Level
U - 2.5 Mile course heats of 3 Laps = 7.5 mile. 5 Lap Final
GP/1 Liter Mod - 3 laps on an approx. 1 2/3 Mile course = 5 mile
1 Liter Mod - - 3 days of points, 2 - 3 lap heats/day, qualifiers per rule book if needed.
Ski Beach is 1-1/4 mile course & 7/8 mile course. Fiesta Island is for exhibition only
Ski Beach: CB, KRR, SA, SE, CJ, GPS95 & Stock Classes- 2-3 heats/day - 3 or 4 Laps/heat (TBA at drivers meeting) (3 days of points)
JH/AXH 2 - 3 laps/day.
OPC- SST-45 (format TBA at drivers meeting either 2 - 10 Lap heats on Sat. & 1- 25 lap heat on Sunday or 4 - 10 laps heats over two days on 7/8 mile course - Ski Beach
Grand Nationals - 2 - 10 lap heats on Saturday and 1 - 20 lap heat on Sunday.
Local Class OMC Hydro - 2 - 3 Laps heats/day


H1 Unlimited: Money to be distributed per contract with H1 Unlimited. Grand Prix: Points for both days, trophies 1st - 3rd.
All other classes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies for the overall from the weekend will be handed out at awards ceremony on Sunday after the races.

H1 Unlimited office 9-5 Thurs/Fri Sept 14/15th.
GP Register on site with GPW Vice President.
All other Inboard classes, IE, SST45, Stock, OMC Hydro, JH/AXH - Mandatory preregistration to RPM Racing Enterprises by mail to 1803 Morgan Lane Redondo Beach CA by Tuesday, September 12th. On-site registration in pit area(s) Thurs time Noon-5 PM, Friday all day, Sat. 7-8 am, Sun 7-8 am
Race Teams Registration Must be received by Tuesday, September 12th. All entries received thereafter will be charged a late fee. Late Fees will not be waived for out of region racers.

Send Entries:

H1 Register at site
GP Register at site
I (except GP), IE, OPC, Stock, OMC Hydro and J Classes - Mandatory Pre-Regisration to RPM Racing Enterprises due by 9/12/17
Please mail registration to: 1803 Morgan Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 or email to (if paying by cash (on-site) or Check must mail with form credit card will be run on-site during registration. $10 convenience fee added for CC payment.

Entry Fees:

H1 Unlimited: Per H1 Unlimited rules
GP: no entry fee - will collect above $20 Inboard fee.
SST-45 - weekend fee $200
All other Inboard and IE classes, - $100/day, 2nd class fee is $80/day. Plus $20 I & IE Administration fee per weekend.
J/AXH: $40/day - 3 day discount $100
Stock/OMC Hydro: $50/day - 3 day discount is $125. 2nd class: $30/day, 3 day discount is $75. 3rd class: $20/day, 3 day discount is $50
Friday testing & racing for race teams is included in weekend entry.
NOTE: All participants must join H1 Unlimited $20/driver/crew. If crew member is working on boat or going in the water must join H1 Unlimited, do not have to join H1 Unlimited if just sitting in pit area.

  • Race Director: ROBERT DAVIES
  • Referee/Risk Manager: DOUGLAS SHELTON
  • Assistant Referee: DEAN WILSON JR
  • Inspector: JOHN WALTERS
  • Assistant Risk Manager: TED GRANGE



I-5 South to Seaworld Dr. Exit Seaworld Dr. turn right on Ingraham St. Follow signs to race course

Live Stream

If this race includes live streaming, links to those streams will be posted here before the race.

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