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Marathon Grand Prix of the Sea


Saturday Sep 14, 2013

  • 03170 - P-1 SUPERSTOCK

Sunday Sep 15, 2013

  • 03170 - P-1 SUPERSTOCK

Local accommodations - Holiday Inn Express, Marathon

P1 SuperStock category, 2 mile lap in front of the7-mile bridge. 4 heats, 8-10 laps per heat, plus Match Race Qualifying heat. Not approved for records.

Pace Boat - Flag

$12,000 purse eligibility, subject to terms and conditions of P1 SuperStock Race Team Packages. Available from P1 SuperStock USA

Registration done prior to the race electronically, or can be done at the race site Resort.
Registration Friday 9/15 beginning at noon. Room location to be announced by race circular.

Send Entries:

Contact Race Administrator Amanda Stephens for Registration and Event Questions at

Entry Fees:

$500 per team.
Equipment Registration of $1500 may apply per the terms of the P1 SuperStock Driver Package

  • Race Director: AZAM RANGOONWALA
  • Referee/Risk Manager: MIKE TOMLINSON
  • Assistant Referee: JOHN KENYON
  • Inspector: GENE STEPHENS
  • Assistant Risk Manager: MARTIN SANBORN



Full Race Instructions available at
US1- South the Marathon Island

Live Stream

If this race includes live streaming, links to those streams will be posted here before the race.

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