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Kenmore Hydroplane Cup-- 4th Annual


Saturday Apr 08, 2017

  • 00000 - SPECIAL EVENT
  • 00800 - VINTAGE
  • 04000 - PRO OUTBOARD
  • 06000 - STOCK OUTBOARD
  • 11000 - J CLASSES

Motels in area. No overnight camping allowed in any Kenmore City Park

On Lake Washington/Kenmore Air Harbor
Vintage and 45SS Course Approx 1 mile
J Classes Course approx. 3/4 mile
Sammamish Slough Course Approx 1 mile each way


Trophies 1st-3rd J Classes
Participant plaques for all Vintage entries.
Participant trophies for Sammamish Slough entries

9-10am at Kenmore Air Harbor for Vintage and 45SS with Janet Kelson
9-10am at Wildlife ramp for Outboard with Carla Salmon

Send Entries:

Jan Shaw Please include Name, Boat number, engine, size, boat length, APBA number OR CALL Her 425-478-1196

Entry Fees:

$60 each entry for Vintage
J Classes no entry fee.
Outboard on Slough No entry fee--Paid by Don Swanson at Plywood Supply.
45SS $50 entry fee

  • Race Director: JAN SHAW
  • Referee/Risk Manager: W HOWARD SHAW
  • Assistant Referee: MATT YARNO
  • Inspector: STEVE GREAVES
  • Scorer: JANET KELSON
  • Assistant Risk Manager: DAVID SALMON
  • Vintage Rep: JAMES OLSON
  • Vintage Inspector: JERRY KELSON



State Highway 527 East or West to Kenmore. Wildlife Ramp on 68th, North Lake Marina 6201 NE 175th St, Kenmore, WA 98028, Squires Landing is at 175th and 73rd.

Live Stream

If this race includes live streaming, links to those streams will be posted here before the race.

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