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Friday Jul 28, 2017

  • 01110 - 5 LTR

Saturday Jul 29, 2017

  • 01110 - 5 LTR
  • 01520 - GRAND PRIX

Sunday Jul 30, 2017

  • 01110 - 5 LTR
  • 01520 - GRAND PRIX

RV Space Available for purchase, Area Hotels

2.5 Mile - Unlimited
2.5 Mile - Vintage 3 LAPS
1.67 Mile - GP - 3 LAPS
1.67 Mile - 5 litre - 3 LAPS
Course Elevation: 407 ft


5 Litre, Grand Prix and Unlimited - Trophies for 1st through 4th for the winner of the final race.
GP payout per GPWest Contract,
Vintage - Payout per HARM agreement

Registration directly through H1, HARM, AND GPW. 5 Litre before race weekend with Aaron Stephens
H1-Shirley Outlaw
HARM-Linda Williams
GP/5Litre-Kim Hamilton or Jan Shaw

Send Entries:


Entry Fees:

Unlimited - Entry per H1
Grand Prix and 5 litre: Grand Prix and 5 litre classes are APBA Inboard classes and the $20 Inboard fee per boat is to be collected and submitted to APBA Inboard.
Vintage - $10 per registered Vintage participant for the Vintage Promotion Fund
All personnel requiring entry into restricted areas (including race course, hot pits) must be members of H1 Unlimited. This includes drivers, owners, crew members, race personnel, etc. H1 dues are $25 for a single event or $45 for the year.

  • Race Director: DENNIS JANIKOWSKI
  • Referee/Risk Manager: RICK SANDSTROM
  • Assistant Referee: AARON STEPHENS
  • Inspector: JOHN WALTERS
  • Scorer: JAN SHAW
  • Assistant Risk Manager: MATT YARNO
  • Vintage Rep: MITCH EVANS
  • Vintage Inspector: DAVID D WILLIAMS



McNary Pool, Columbia River between Kennewick and Pasco, WA

Live Stream

If this race includes live streaming, links to those streams will be posted here before the race.

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