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Region 3 Annual Fall Meeting Information and Agenda

Tue, 09/19/2017 - 8:23am -- Anonymous (not verified)

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Region 3 Annual Fall Meeting Information and Agenda       

Date:  Saturday, October 21, 2017

Place:  The Presbyterian Church (Annex Building)

            111 Rt. 50, Mays Landing, NJ 08330

Time:   1 PM

If you have difficulty please call.

George Conover:  609-927-0942

Ann Shaw:    973-214-0181

*Welcome and Roll Call

*Minutes from March 26, 2017 Annual Meeting

*Existing Business

Commission Reports:

Katelyn Shaw – Inboard

Ed Runne – Stock Outboard

Alex Jennings – Modified Outboard

*Category Reports:

Dave Shaw – Inboard

Alex Jennings – Modified Outboard

Lisa Jenning – Stock Outboard

*New Business

***The following have been nominated to serve Region 3.  Election will take place by ballot at the Fall Meeting per the By-laws.  Article V 6a states that you must be present to remain on the ballot or send a notice stating the reason why you can not attend the meeting.

     The following have been nominated and accepted to run for the position:

Chairman:  Ann Shaw

Vice Chairman:  Peggy Wendt

Secretary:  Jill Glossner

Treasurer:  Martha Atkins

Inboard Director: We will vote for 2.

Jim Clauss                           Matt Henning

Mike Hendrickson                Katelyn Shaw

Stock Outboard Director:  We will vote for 2.

David Breishacher               Kaitlyn Glossner

Chip Fuller                           Mark Monsey

Modified Director:  We will vote for 2.

Alex Jenning III                   Alex Jennings IV

Officiating Director:  We will vote for  1 in each caategory

Inboard:  Katelyn Shaw                     Charlie Cron

Stock Outboard:  Kaitlyn Glossner

Modified Outboard:  Lisa Jennings

Commisioners:  We will vote for 1 in each category.

Inboard:  Katelyn Shaw                   Al Thompson

Stock:     Jill Glossner                      Ed Runne

Modified:  Alex Jennings III           Mike Theirfelder


*Possible Race dates

*Possible Trainees

*Spring Meeting date

*Other Business