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Marietta Riverfront Roar 2013

Mon, 01/07/2013 - 8:20pm -- Tammy Wolf

Marietta Riverfront Roar

With the hard work and determination of the Riverfront Roar Committe, we are pleased to announce the thirteenth annual Marietta Riverfront Roar, held July 12 - 14, 2013.  This event is shaking up to be one of the pinical racing events for 2013.  We are very grateful for the countless volunteer hours the residents of Marietta have donated to have the boat racing commumity return to there home town.

Marietta wants us and we want to be in Marietta, Ohio!

Classes include: SST 60, SST 120, and SST 200 (SST 120 and SST 200 eill be run seperately).n We are excited to announce $12,900 in prize money payout based on 10 boats in each of the 3 classes (SST 60, SST 120, SST 200).

We encourage you to visit the Marietta Riverfornt Roar website or the Buckeye Outboard Association website for more information.

Or contact BOA we look forward to speaking with you.  See you in Marietta.

BOA Commodore

Jerry Book