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The latest Issue of the Unlimited Journal is now online

Tue, 09/06/2016 - 10:55am -- Anonymous (not verified)

The latest issue of the UNJ is now on our website at

This month's issue is loaded with extended, in-depth coverage of both the Tri-Cities HAPO Columbia Cup and the Seattle Albert Lee Appliance Cup. Both race reports have inside news and first published photos that you haven't seen before.

Along with the race reports this month we talk with David Shaw, H1's Chief Referee, remember Bill Wurster, take a look "Around The Circuit" from Chris Tracy, and much more.

There is always breaking news on the UNLIMITED NewsJournal website and our facebook page so check back often.

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Next month will be our race report from the APBA Gold Cup/Spirit of Detroit HydroFest and up next on the race circuit the boats head to the salt water of Mission Bay for the season finale at San Diego Bayfair September 16-18