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It's official: Tri-Hulls are just flat-out awesome. Need proof? See picture below…

When these small open-cockpit boats with their supersized engines speed into a turn, it's total chaos—and that's what the drivers and fans love about this exciting class. Based on 1970s-era production boats, Tri-Hulls thrive on rough water. If it's not rough when they start racing, don-t worry - it will be by the time they're done. Boats must be original Tri-Hull design, with walk-through windshield and bow rider configuration. Tri-Hulls are an APBA-approved Sportsman (Local) class and are very popular in Texas and Louisiana.  


Approved Boats

Glastron V-166 

Glastron V-156

Galaxy 15 ft.

Thundercraft 160-SS

Cain Cutter 16 ft.

Invader 15 ft.


Higgs Craft. 

*All Tri-Hull boats must be approved before being eligible for competition. See OPC rules.

Tri-Hull Boat Racing
Minimum Age: 
16 years old
Minimum Length: 
Engines must not exceed 100 cubic inches in displacement as originally manufactured. 3ci tolerance allowed for overbore.
Minimum Weight: 
1250 lbs. (without driver)
Fuel must comply with all APBA/OPC rules
Engine Block: 
Max. Total Displacement 100 cubic inches (1638.7cc)
Current National Champion: 
No National Champion